Welcome back to our blog today we are going to answer the question about "how many voucher types are readily available in tally" and what are the names of these voucher types so let's start.

There are 18 voucher types readily available in tally which can be used to record different transactions so understanding each voucher type is essential for seamless accounting operations.

Commonly in exams, 10 types of vouchers in accounting are asked so you can choose any 10 vouchers for the answer.

But before you choose the answer, let me answer one more question which you should know.

Q. 1:- which sub menu is used for voucher entry in the tally?

Ans:- Accounting vouchers.

Types of vouchers in tally

Check out the table for vouchers in the tally :

Voucher TypeExample Description
Payment VoucherPayment made to a supplier for goods/services
Receipt VoucherReceipt of money from a customer
Contra VoucherTransfer of funds between bank accounts
Journal VoucherGeneral accounting entry for adjustments
Sales VoucherRecording sales transactions
Sales Order VoucherCreation of a sales order for future transactions
Purchase VoucherRecording purchase transactions
Purchase Order VoucherCreation of a purchase order for future acquisitions
Debit Note VoucherIssued for goods returned or adjustments for higher amounts
Credit Note VoucherIssued for goods returned or adjustments for lower amounts
Delivery Note VoucherAcknowledgment of goods delivered to a customer
Receipt Note VoucherAcknowledgment of goods received from a supplier
Reversing Journal VoucherRectification of entries in the next accounting period
Memo VoucherTemporary or non-accounting transactions
Stock Journal VoucherTransfer of stock between locations or categories
Physical Stock VoucherRecording actual physical stock counts
Manufacturing Journal VoucherAccounting for manufacturing activities
Payroll VoucherRecording employee salaries, wages, and related transactions

Tally voucher shortcut key

Let's now have a look at the list of Tally function keys or voucher keys, these keys are important if you want to increase the speed of your work then you should know which function keys are used for which voucher:

  • Payment Voucher - F5
  • Receipt Voucher - F6
  • Contra Voucher - F4
  • Journal Voucher - F7
  • Sales Voucher - F8
  • Sales Order Voucher - Ctrl+F8
  • Purchase Voucher - F9
  • Purchase Order Voucher - Ctrl+F9\
  • Debit Note Voucher - Ctrl+F10
  • Credit Note Voucher - Ctrl+F8
  • Delivery Note Voucher - Alt+F8
  • Receipt Note Voucher - Alt+F6
  • Reversing Journal Voucher - F10
  • Memo Voucher - Ctrl+F10
  • Stock Journal Voucher - Alt+F7
  • Physical Stock Voucher - Alt+F10
  • Manufacturing Journal Voucher - Alt+F10
  • Payroll Voucher - Ctrl+F10


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