Welcome back to our blog today we will solve a question that can help you to know "where do we record credit purchase of furniture in the tally". so many students need to learn how to solve these kinds of questions and how to record credit purchases of any product in tally.

That's why we are giving you an example of a credit purchase of furniture so that you can clearly understand the concept.

Now let's start:

where do we record credit purchase of furniture in the tally

let's assume a company purchased some furniture on credit from PBM Furniture shop for 5000 rupees.

Now how will you record this purchase in the tally:

Steps To  Record Credit Purchase of Furniture in Tally

  • Step 1:- Open tally software on your computer and go to the 'Accounting Vouchers' section.

  • Step 2:- After that Select 'F9: Purchase' to add a new Purchase Voucher and Choose the appropriate 'Purchase' ledger (for example: 'Furniture Purchase'). 

  • Step 3:- Now enter the supplier name in this case, 'PBM Furniture Shop' under the 'Supplier Invoice No.' field.

  • Step 4:- Now enter the amount (5000 rupees) in the 'Amount' field.

  • Step 5:- Noe selects appropriate 'Purchase Account' and 'GST/Tax' ledgers based on your company's configuration and tax implications.

  • Step 6:- Ensure the date and transaction and then click save.


Here in this post, we add steps to know how and where to record credit purchases of furniture in tally so if you want to know then please follow the steps and subscribe for more tally solutions.