The main purpose of business communication is to deliver the right information to the right person, at the right time, in the right way, and at the right place so that every effort of an organization can be done smoothly and there is no interruption in conducting its business process.

objectives of business communication

(1) Development of Managerial Skills – Communication helps managers to understand human behavior on the job. The communication of facts, thoughts, views, information and feelings, etc., in relation to the conduct of individuals and various events occurring in the organization, increases the knowledge of the managers. Thus it can be said that communication is a process of learning.

(2) Implementation of Changes – Rapid change in business events is a natural process in barren-oriented economies. Business success and growth depend on the effective communication of this change. Kuntz and O'Donnell said, "In its broadest sense, communication is the main objective of communication to implement change.

(3) Conveying the right information and messages – The main purpose of communication is to observe the right information and message to the right person. The message should be completely understandable. And should be received by the recipient in the original, as the sender has communicated, while communicating with his subordinates, the higher officials communicate information, orders and advice, etc. and sometimes suggestions are also given by the subordinates.

(4) Coordination of efforts - Every business has its goals set and it is the responsibility of every person involved in the business to achieve those personal goals. In order to achieve the goals, it is necessary that there should be coordination in the different tasks of different people. In other words, every employee makes proper efforts to achieve their personal goals, efforts of all those persons should be coordinated which can be possible only through an effective communication process.

(5) Effectiveness of policies – Communication is not only necessary for internal management, but it is also needed to establish relations with external parties. Establishing relations with outside parties increases the reputation of the organization and the positive attitude of other people toward the organization.

(6) Effectiveness of policies - Personal communication prepares policies and programs for the guidance of employees and to increase productivity and they are observed by the concerned persons. It is only through the process of communication that policies and programs are basically observed by the concerned persons.

(7) Good industrial relations: The communication process is the creation of sweet industrial relations. In the communication process, feelings, thoughts, views, and information are observed from one party to the other, which develops good industrial relations. Through the communication process, both the parties – manager and subordinates understand each other well and misunderstandings. (Misconception) becomes the thread that lays the foundation of a cordial relationship.

(8) Removal of illusions (avoid IIIusion) – Information passes through different levels and different people analyze it according to their interests, which leads to confusion and misunderstanding, confusion is the biggest enemy of the communication process. To make communication effective, it is necessary to remove the confusion.

(9) Building of human relations - Human is an effective and active element of production and good human relations are the basis of industrial peace and coordination, superiors observe the needs and goals of the organization to their subordinates and subordinates to their Observing their suggestions, ideas, and processes to the higher officials. All this is possible only through the process of communication, Papa, thus effective communication process creates sweet human relations.

(10) Prompt decision and its implementation - Compilation of data is mandatory for taking a quick decision, it is necessary to compile related information before taking any important decision. For this, only the communication process is adopted at the primary level. To effectively implement the decision, the help of the re-communication process is taken, therefore the process is necessary for decision-making and its implementation.

Personal communication is a process in which the idea, sender, message, and medium (feedback) are involved.