Efforts are being made to provide all government services in India through e-governance. Due to which the trend of people should move towards Digital India and everyone can participate in it. 

E-governance has reduced the time taken in government schemes and services. This saves public money and time. Now digital signature is also being used by educational institutions. Due to which government work has started getting completed on time.

 What is called digital signature on this page? Benefits of Digital Signature Card, Digital Signature Certificate Online is being told about.

What is a Digital Signature?

Signature is done for any acceptance in the government organization first, the same signature is done by the computer by adding a code. It can be called a type of computer code, because it can be used only by the authority person, and this code is provided to that person only.

 Before digitally signing, that officer checks the certificate and when he is satisfied, after that he gives his approval through this digital signature.

how to create a signature in word

  • First of all open the word file in which digital signature is to be added. And click the cursor where to sign.
  • After that click on the menu (“Insert”) appearing on the top left side.

how to create a digital signature in word
how to create a digital signature in word

  • (Type "Add Signature Line").

  • 3. And click on the pen-like option (“Add Signature Line”) appearing on the right.


  • In the search bar given in the title bar, type ("Add Signature Line").

4. Three options will appear in the new (“Signature Setup”) window:-

  • Enter your name in this option. :-(Suggested Signer)
  • Enter your name in this option. :-(Suggested Signer's title)
  • In this your e-mail id. Enter.-:-(Suggested Signer's E-mail address)


  • Click OK. You'll see a signature line ("Signature Line Box").

  • Now put your Digital Signature Key ("Digital Signature Key/Stick") in your computer/laptop.

5. Now move the mouse cursor over the Signature line box and press the right mouse button.

  • Now click on (“Sign”) from the options that appear.

6. In this new window you can enter your name