Welcome back to our blog in today's post about solving some advertisement expenses journal entry examples if you want to join a company then you should know about this entry because every company invests in advertisements.

Let me tell you with this example lays Chips company shows advertisements on TV and as an accountant, you should add advertisement expenses in your journal entry.

Before we solve some examples let me answer some basic questions like "advertisement expenses is which type of account?" this question is commonly asked by some accountants so its answer is advertising expenses are an example of a nominal or temporary account.

now let's solve some example 

Advertisement Expenses Journal Entry

Example 1:- 

let's make some paid advertisement expenses journal entry:

AccountDebit (INR)Credit
Advertising Expenses (Income Statement)1,000
Cash (Payment in cash)1,000

As you can see "Advertising Expenses" account is debited to recognize the expense on the income statement, and the "Cash" account is credited to show the payment made in cash. 

Example 2: Advertising Expenses Incurred on Credit

AccountDebit (INR)Credit (INR)
Advertising Expenses (Income Statement)1,000
Accounts Payable (Liability)1,000


Here in this post, we add some advertisement expenses journal entry examples that can help you understand the Advertisement Expenses of any company.

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