Welcome Tally Students In today's post we are going to add some payment voucher examples with tally payment format so if you are confused about how to do payment voucher entry in tally then you must refer to our post.

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Before we move on to our example, let me remind you what a payment voucher is.

There are different types of vouchers for making entries in Tally, which are used for making different entries. In Tally, different types of entries are made in vouchers from F4 to F9. We can enter any voucher we want to enter by pressing the respective voucher key.

If we want to make an entry in Payment Voucher, then for this we have to go to Accounting Voucher and press the F5 key. After pressing the F5 key, we will reach the Payment Voucher of Tally.

Payment vouchers are generally used for payments to parties or for expenses, whether paid by you in cash or through a bank. The entry of payment made in both cash or bank mode will be done in the payment voucher only.

Payment Voucher Example

  • Example 1

company: ABC Corporation

Date: 8th July 2023

Payment Voucher No.: PV/001

Payment Details:

4. Party Name: XYZ Suppliers

Mode of Payment: Cheque

Bank: XYZ Bank

Cheque No.: 123456

Amount: $1,000

  • Now open Tall and select the company "ABC Corporation". 

  • Now press the F5 key to access the payment voucher entry.

  • Now fill following details:

Date: 08-07-2023

Voucher Type: Payment

Voucher No.: PV/001

  • in the "Payment Details" section, enter the following:

Party's A/c Name: XYZ Suppliers (Select from the list of ledger accounts)

Amount: 1000

  • Now Press "Enter"  to move to the next field.

  • In the "Account" field, select the bank ledger account "XYZ Bank."

  • Fill in the given details under "Cheque Details":

Cheque No.: 123456

Cheque Date: 08-07-2023 (If applicable)

Drawn on: XYZ Bank

  • At th,e end press enter and save the payment voucher entry.

payment voucher filled sample

ABC Corporation Payment Voucher PV/001 Date: 8th July 2023 Party's A/c Name: XYZ Suppliers Mode of Payment: Cheque Payment Details: ----------------------------------------- | SNo. | Ledger Account | Amount | ----------------------------------------- | 1 | XYZ Suppliers | $1,000 | ----------------------------------------- Cheque Details: ----------------------------------------- | Cheque No. | Cheque Date | Drawn on | ----------------------------------------- | 123456 | 08-07-2023 | XYZ Bank | -----------------------------------------


Here in this post, we add a solved payment voucher example so if you want to know what kind of entries and formats are used to add payment voucher entries in Tally then you should read our pot till the end.