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Difference between Bill and Invoice
Difference between Bill and Invoice

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What is a bill? 

When we buy something, we are billed after that purchase. Understand in simple words, when we buy any goods from a shop, then the seller of that shop gives us a document in which the date, number of the bill, name of the item, and the name of the shop are written, this document itself is called a bill. 

The bill requests you to pay. Bills are given by car service firms, credit card companies, restaurants, shops and other service provider companies.

A bill mainly contains a record of the goods that have been sold. In this, information is given about the price of the goods, taxes and other service charges, which you have to pay. A bill is introduced with the expectation that the payment will be completed soon.

A bill is a very important document because if there is any defect in the goods taken by you, then only by showing this bill, you can return the goods to the said shop. No seller will take back the goods from you without the bill as you will not have any proof that you have bought the said goods from the same shop. That's why it is always instructed that whenever you buy any goods, you must take the bill from the seller.

What is an Invoice? 

Many people believe that bills and invoices are the same thing. Although this is true to some extent, not completely. Because there are some things in the invoice which are different from the bill. It is similar to a bill in appearance but is slightly different from it. 

An invoice is a document that is issued to customers. It contains information about the product or service provided.

If you have bought two similar products, then their quantity or quantity is also written in the invoice. Apart from this, the details of the outstanding amount, customer ID, address, and seller, and buyer's contact information are given. Many times during an online purchase the customer has already paid. 

In this case, the invoice does not mention the amount of the product but it states that the amount has been paid. For this, 'Prepaid' is written in place of the amount. Payment is mainly requested in the invoice. The invoice is issued after the delivery of the product or service purchased.

Invoices are used for online purchases. If you order any goods online, there is always a document pasted on top of your product, this document is called an Invoice. There are many such platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. many people buy goods.

Suppose you have purchased any saree through online purchase then after the delivery of the saree, you will be provided with an invoice. In this invoice, how many sarees you have bought, what is the color of that saree, what is its price, your address, and from which platform or seller you have bought that item, all these things are mentioned? So we can say that invoice is a record of goods purchased.

 Difference Between Bill and Invoice

We purchase many daily essential items in our everyday life. This purchase is done through online or offline means. You must have often heard about two words while buying goods.

One is a bill and the other is invoiced. Both these documents contain details about the sale. Many people think that bill and invoices are the same things. At the same time, many people know that these two are different but they do not understand the difference between these two very well. In such a situation, for your help, we will give you information about these two in this article.

Let me tell you, the bill and invoice are not completely the same, they both are different from each other. Both of these are used for different purposes. In this article, we will tell you what is bill and invoice? (What is Bill and Invoice in Hindi?) And how are these two different from each other? So let's start:-

Difference between Bill and Invoice

Invoices and bills are documents that are given by the seller to the buyer when the goods are purchased, delivered, or ordered. Both of these are very similar to each other. But their objectives are different.

In such a situation, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two, so let us know what is the difference between them:-

  • A record of the transaction of goods is called a bill. On the other hand, when a service or product is delivered to you through shipping, then this record is called an invoice.

  • Bills are often given during offline purchases, while an invoice is given in online purchases.

  • A bill is given through the vendor while the invoice is delivered to us by the delivery man.

  • The price and taxes are included in the bill. But it does not mention the home address etc. of the customer. While the home address of the customer is written in the invoice. So that the delivery man can deliver that product to you.

  • An invoice does not make an immediate request for payment i.e. it can be paid later. On the other hand, a bill requests immediate payment.

  • The bill is given after the purchase of the product, whereas the invoice can be given either before or after the purchase of the product.

  • Bill contains information about the customer's name, their mobile number, date and so on whereas an invoice contains the customer ID, where the product is coming from and your account related information.

  • An invoice is issued for sales made on credit. Whereas bills are used for transactions.

  • A bill contains a record of a transaction made after the goods have been paid for, while an invoice contains a record of a product or service sent after it has been shipped.

  • If you want to replace an item after it is damaged, then the bill acts as a certificate. While an invoice does not help you return a product as it contains the tracking details of the order and whether the order was prepaid or collected later, you will need to present your eBill for replacement.


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