what is a client in sap fico: SAP Client can be described as the most organization level in the SAP system, which contains master tables and records. The information executed by the SAP client level is valid and can be used for all corporate code data or business structures. 

The client is a 3-digit numerical key. From the perspective of business, it is an organized group. Users are required to enter their client number while logging in for access to an SAP system.

Important Client Characteristics

  • Each SAP client's authorizations and access have to all be assigned to the SAP client with which employees are spending their time.

  • It's used to differentiate between quality, development, and production systems on the same server or a different one.

  • The information that is entered at the client level is applicable to any organizational unit.

  • Each client is allowed to be a part of at least one corporate code, plant, and place however, they will be no connections between clients.

How to create a new SAP client

Clients can be created based on the organizational requirements of SAP Basis by using the transaction SCC4. SCC4.

1. Type in the SAP Tcode " SCC4" in the SAP command field. Enter.

Step 2: - On display view "Clients" overview screen, click on display >> change icon.

Third step: Click on the new entries button to create an entirely new SAP client as per the requirements.

4. On the newly added entries overview screen, modify the details below.

  • Client: Enter the 3 digits of the numerical number to create a new SAP client along with the description of the client.

  • Update the city name and state to identify the name of the client

  • Change the system ID that the client uses to identify.
  • Update the currency of the standard

  • Select the role for the client from the following list (i.e. production, Test, Customizing, Demo, Training/Education, Sap reference).

  • In the case of changes and transports for clients with specific objects, select an appropriate option based on your requirements

Click on the Save button and save the settings.