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partnership balance sheet example
partnership balance sheet example

Partnership Balance Sheet Example

AssetsAmount (USD)Liabilities & EquityAmount (USD)
Cash10,000Accounts Payable3,000
Equipment20,000Loan Payable7,000
Total Assets45,000Total Liabilities10,000
Equity:Amount (USD)Owners' Equity:Amount (USD)
Partner A's Capital20,000Partner A's Equity20,000
Partner B's Capital15,000Partner B's Equity15,000
Total Equity35,000Total Owners' Equity35,000
Total Assets & Equity80,000Total Liabilities & Equity80,000

Explanation For partnership balance sheet 

Assets Section:

  • Cash: Money in partnership's accounts, 10,000.
  • Equipment: Value of machinery or tools owned by the partnership, 20,000.
  • Inventory: Value of goods held by the partnership for sale, 15,000.
  • Total Assets: total assets value owned by the partnership, is 45,000.

Liabilities & Equity Section:

  • Liabilities: Money owed by the partnership to others.

  • Accounts Payable: Money owed to suppliers, 3,000.
  • Loan Payable: loan taken in partnership 7,000.
  • Total Liabilities: The combined value of all debts is,10,000.

  • Owners' Equity: Money invested by the partners in the business.

  • Partner A's Capital: Partner A's investment, 20,000.
  • Partner B's Capital: Partner B's investment, is 15,000.
  • Total Owners' Equity: Combined investment made by the partners, 35,000.

Note:- As you can see in this example the total assets of the partnership and the total owners' equity are equal, indicating that the business is financed by the partners' investments and ownership of the business.

As you can see, debt is less than assets so we can say that the company is in good financial condition.


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