Welcome Back to our blog today we are going to making some journal entries for the sale of goods on credit so if you are an accounting students then you can check out this post till the end.

before we start our example let me tell you about credit sales journal entry. It is a financial record that a company makes when it sells goods or services to a customer on credit, meaning the customer doesn't make an immediate payment at the time of the sale. 

Journal Entry For Sale of Goods On Credit

Date: June 1, 2023

 Scenario: Company X sells 1,000 worth of computer equipment to Customer Y on credit, with payment terms of 30 days.

AccountDebit ($)
Accounts Receivable1,000

AccountCredit ($)
Sales Revenue1,000


Here in this post, we add an example of a journal entry for the sale of goods on credit so if you want to know how to record a sales on credit journal entry then you should check out this example.