Hello friends, in this post today we are going to discuss source documents in accounting. What are the source documents And what is their benefit or importance? Friends, in any type of business, accounting work cannot be done without documents. Because the initial entries of the business are done on the basis of the document only. 

If a person says that I have bought goods worth Rs.1000 in cash. And if he does not have any document or receipt for that goods. So it will not be written in the account book. Because without the document entry is not made in the journal. So come on friends, now we know. What is the original document of And what is its benefit or importance.

Source Documents In Accounting

source documents in accounting
source documents in accounting

Original document means such document. That which gives veracity or authenticity to a transaction or entry. The original document is also known as the Subsidiary Certifier or the Permissive Certifier.

We can also call Source documents (original documents) bills in simple language. Journal entries are made in the journal only after seeing these documents. Which gives written proof of the veracity and validity of the accounting work. 

These documents are helpful in the audit and tax assessment of the business or company. And if there is any kind of dispute in the business. So these original documents can also be presented in the court as truth. So we can say The original document of Accounting is Pranavayu.

The basic documents are as follows.

1. Cash Book / Cash Book / Money Book (Cash Memo)

2. Bill / Invoice (Invoice)

3. Receipt

4. Pay in Slip

5. Name letter or Debit Note

6. Letter of Deposit or Credit Note

7. Money order or check (Cheque)

benefit source documents in accounting

1. From the original documents, the businessman can easily get information about the date, amount, quantity of goods, and related parties of each transaction.

2. Original documents are the basis of accounting transactions. Because on this basis journal entries are made. And the work of accounting is started.

3. In case of any kind of dispute in the business, the original documents are considered as evidence in the court.

4. The original document is the first record of any type of business transaction.

5. Original documents are considered as proof of genuineness at the time of audit at the end of the year.

6. On the basis of these documents, the accounting books of any business are considered true.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the source documents in accounting so if you are learning about accounting then you should read our post till the end.