Friends, we have learned to make every single invoice in Tally, but do you know what is Proforma invoice? Sometimes 2 we have to make a quotation on behalf of our customers' order and give it, and its effect is neither on our balance sheet nor on the sales, but a question that must have confused you that what is this Proforma Invoice. ? how to make proforma invoice in tally? Why make Proforma Invoice in Tally? To know the answer to all such questions, you read the full article.

what is a proforma invoice in tally?

Making Quotation in Tally is called Proforma Invoice because it happens many times that whenever we have to purchase some Goods, we take Quotation from our Traders of that Goods with the help of which we would have come to know. Which Traders are we getting the Goods from us at a reasonable rate, that means which Trader will sell us the same at a reasonable rate.

In such a condition, we take 2 different quotations from all the traders, so that we get to know which 2 trader is giving us the same in how many-2 rates and what is the rate of that same and we also see this. That from which trader we are getting the same at such a low price, finally the trader who will give us the same at a lower rate, we will buy those goods from him. This procedure is called Proforma Invoice in Tally.

Many times it also happens that a customer comes to us and he has to buy some goods, then that customer also asks for a quotation from us, then in Tally we can easily make a quotation of that good and give it to that customer.

how to active Proforma Invoice Features in tally

To make a Quotation in Tally, you have to follow some simple steps, let's know.

STEP:-1 First of all go to the features options on the right side in Gateway of Tally or press the F11 key from the keyboard.

STEP:-2 Now you go to Accounting Features.

STEP:-3 Now here you will see the option of Use Reserving journals and optional vouchers in Budget and Scenario Management, do

how to make proforma invoice in tally
how to make a proforma invoice in tally

yes and save the setting.

I would like to tell you that for what we make quotation in Tally, Tally provides us with an Optional Voucher and the entry made in it does not affect any of your Accounting entries because we are not doing Sale / Purchase anything.

In Quotation, we are only giving our Goods to our Customers by making a Quotation, in which it is written what is the price of this particular Goods, what is the GST, etc. We are giving the information to our customers, and We call Proforma Invoice only for making quotations.

how to make a proforma invoice in tally

In Tally, we have to follow some simple steps to make Proforma Invoice for any of our customers, let's know.

STEP:-1 First of all you go to Accounting Voucher and open Sale Voucher.

STEP:-2 Now you will see an Optional Voucher at the bottom of your Right Side, you have to click on Simple Optional and as soon as you click on Optional or you press the Shortcut key from your keyboard Ctrl + L and your Sale Voucher optional will be converted into

Create Proforma Invoice in Tally
 Create Proforma Invoice in Tally

STEP:-3 Now to make Quotation in Tally, please follow this screenshot, and in the same way, you have to enter Follow the Screenshot plz to create Proforma Invoice for your customers.

proforma invoice in tally
proforma invoice in tally

How do check in Tally whether the effect of the Proforma Invoice falls on any of our accounts or not?

If you have to check this, then the effect of the Proforma invoice falls on your particular accounting or not, for this you can first open your sales register and see it or you can open the sales ledger and go there.

You will not have any entry show of any kind here just because we did that entry in Optional Voucher, so that entry is not showing and this entry is not affecting any of our accounts.

How To display proforma invoice in tally?

To see the optional voucher that we have entered sales in Tally, you can go to your Daybook and see it.

display proforma invoice in tally
display proforma invoice in tally

To recognize the entry of Proforma Invoice in Tally, you should go to your Daybook, and here that entry will be visible to you in italic font and optional show in front of Sales so that you can recognize that this particular entry is of Proforma Invoice only.